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PORTUGAL: Meeting with civil associations focused on Basic Income

On the 16th of April 2016, ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa hosted an event called “de’Bater de Frente – RBI e Sociedade Civil” (Discussing face-to-face – Basic Income and Civil Society), which joined together activists fromRBI Portugal (a BIEN Associate) and several civil society associations, as well as representatives from two Portuguese political parties.

In the event, which lasted for four hours, presentations were made by João Paulo Batalha from TIAC (Transparência e Integridade Associação Cívica (Civil Association for Transparency and Integrity)), Miguel Dias from the LIVREpolitical party, José Anacleto from OPE (Movimento Outro Portugal Existe (Another Portugal Exists Movement)), Luís Miguel Dantas from PROUTugal and João Miguel from Reagir Social. Also, the Pirate Party (although not formalized in Portugal) and PAN political party were represented by Nuno Cardoso and Jorge Silva, respectively.

Each speaker from each association presented their views on basic income and their particular way of looking at social reality, issues that got plenty of debate time. Although particular views may have differed, it seemed clear that basic income, as a general concept, was welcomed by most present. Closing the session, basic income activists Dario Figueira and António Dores situated the previous presentations within a larger framework, allowing each of these associations to include the promotion of basic income within their own activities, while also organizing events with each other, widely spreading the debate and information about basic income into a true grassroots movement .
Youtube, “(de)Bater de Frente RBI”, Rendimento Básico

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