Thursday, September 8, 2016


Basic Income Interviews: Victor Lau

Victor Lau is a former leader of the Green Party of Saskatchewan, Canada, and a member of BIEN and Basic Income Canada Network.
How did you find out about basic income?
I watched a 1990s video called Sex, Drugs and Democracy that mentions a Guaranteed Income in the Netherlands.
Why do you support basic income?
To eradicate poverty. My parents came to Canada with very little and worked very very hard to succeed and gain a better life.
I believe everyone has a Right to Live and Thrive!
How else would a basic income help people in Canada?
A basic income would also eliminate the stigmatism of Welfare and allow everyone a dignified standard of living irregardless of if they have a job or not.

Basic Income Interviews is a special recurring segment of Basic Income News, introduced in July 2016 by Jason Murphy and Kate McFarland. Through a series of short interviews, we aspire to display the diversity of support that basic income receives throughout the world.
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About Kate McFarland

Kate McFarland has written 180 articles.
Kate is a member of BIEN's Executive Committee Basic Income News team. Before joining BIEN, she earned a PhD in philosophy from the Ohio State University (and a masters in statistics before that). She presently holds a part-time administrative position with OSU Philosophy, and she does a lot of unpaid work on behalf of the basic income movement. She's on Patreon (a participant in the BIG Patreon Creator Pledge) to help support her latter unpaid work. (You too can support her there!)

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